Is Cougar Dating Just a Trend

Few decades ago, we couldn’t even think of saying it out loud that older women will or can date the younger men. The norm was that a man should be older than the woman and that she should stay at home as a homemaker and raise children. Relationships had strict boundaries and traditions were followed religiously. But, things have changed now, especially in the past few years.

Traditionally, the concept of a younger woman dating an older man made sense, because it was about future security. The idea of settling down and starting a family came naturally to people, because a young fertile woman should be with an older, financially sound man; who can provide her better security. At least that’s what we had been told.

Things have changed now, we don’t live in that era anymore, people think in a different, evolved way. The role of women has drastically changed in our society, over the past few years. They’ve started earning better and have high profile jobs; they are secure on their own now. Aging does not matter anymore. Cougar dating is less of a taboo now, and that’s what has made it a growing trend. Celebrities have been doing it for a long time now.

Women empowerment is growing more and more, women can now choose their own lifestyle and are not at all dependent on the men, they can support themselves on their own. And the cougar lifestyle is what they’re opting for. Most probably, cougar women have already gone through the regular family, marriage and a divorce routine. So, they choose to be a cougar.

If you start writing the merits of dating a cougar, it’s going to take a while, and the list is going to be a long one, for sure. Older women are experienced and a lot more independent. They won’t get mad at you for not returning their call. They won’t get angry at you for getting drunk with your friends or hanging out with them till late night. They won’t call and ask you about your whereabouts all the time. They usually let you have your own life, because they’ve a lot going on in their lives– they have a career, and most probably a family to look after. And because they’ve been through all the relationship and marriage drama, they take dating quite casually.

Cougar dating is a product of modern times. It has been done before but now the women have more options. It’s acceptable for them to date and have fun with younger men. There are many websites to encourage, help and support the cougar scene. These cougar dating websites make sure that women using their services feel secure about it. Once they’ve met, they can get to know each other better and things can go further.

Cougar dating is a part of the human evolution. With the women being independent, it was obvious to happen. It’s not just a trend that’ll go away and fade with the passage of time. It’s here to stay.