Is She a Cougar

Cougars are older women, mostly above their 40s, who like to date younger men, mostly 10 years younger than them. In the past, cougars were thought to be predatory and sexually desperate women, but today’s women have changed that image, breaking the stereotype. Cougars are now considered successful, rich and confident single women; who have had enough of the narrow-minded and tired men of their own age. They look for younger, active and adventurous men to date; men who can make them feel young.

Here are a few points to help you spot a cougar for yourself.

Forget the Stereotype

If you are actually interested in dating or having a serious/romantic relationship with an older woman, you need to forget what the world has been feeding you. Older women are human being just like you and they need exactly the same as you do. They are not the creatures of the night who hunt young guys for their sexual pleasures only, there’s more to it.

What’s her age?

If you are looking for a cougar, you are hoping that she would be at least 40 plus, but that isn’t written in stone, she can be 35 and still be a cougar. By using different beauty products, men and women, both, can look much younger than they actually are.

Start by analyzing her body. Show signs for dry, dull or thin hair; thinner lips, thin skin with wrinkles, dry and saggy knees and elbows. Although, if a cougar takes good care of her health and body, there’s a possibility that you won’t find even one of these signs in them.

Is She Wearing Make-up?

Looks matter a lot to young men, and that’s exactly why cougars make sure they look stunning; thus, they use a lot of cosmetics. You can notice a cougar wearing more than usual foundation, face creams and shades to smoothen their face. She may also wear a lip liner to make her lips look fuller, blush to make her cheeks rosy, brow pencil to fill her eyebrows. But, then again, there’s a possibility that she doesn’t wear make up at all. But that’s less likely to happen, because cougars like to keep themselves presentable.

Fashion Sense

According to the stereotype, cougars wear clothes that are too tight, revealing, animal print, and those that are most probably not made for women of their age. The reality is that a woman can dress as she wants, as long as it suits her and she can carry herself well. You can’t judge a cougar by her fashion sense really.


With the age, comes a lot of knowledge and confidence. By the time a woman becomes a cougar, she gets to know herself very closely, she knows what she wants and is very open and confident about it. Keep your eyes on her; you might get some positive signals.

Whether she’s sitting or standing, a good posture signifies confidence. Eye contact and a calm personality assure it further. If she has her back straight and her head well balanced, she’s got what it takes to be a cougar.