Rules of Dating Younger Men

Welcome to the Cougar Town. Now that you’ve decided to date younger men, you need to know what makes it last longer. Dating younger men isn’t considered odd, because age difference does not matter anymore.

When a younger man loves an older woman, she starts feeling young again, the newly found energy and enthusiasm needs to be controlled, because there are certain rules to cougar dating.

Show Him Who You Really Are

Be yourself. That’s what the younger men really look for in a cougar. Show him how wise, old, intelligent and independent you are. They chose you instead of the younger lot, because they need strong minded women; someone with a beautiful body and a few grey hair.

Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

Younger men want their cougars to be as active as they are. They like older women who take care of their health and body. You need to eat right and exercise daily to be fit and attractive; plus it helps keep the endorphins on optimum level. So, find the diet and the workout regime you think is suitable for your lifestyle and stick to it if you want to stay a younger man’s muse forever

Plan A Vacation Together

Plan a romantic getaway. Nothing boosts up a new, budding relationship like spending time together and having fun at the beach or a resort. You can go as crazy as you want with him; go skinny dipping, experience things together, show him that the fun factor doesn’t fade with the age.

Plan a road trip to know and test if you both can stand each other. Staying in a car together for a long time would help you decide if you both are ready to move further, and then you can go explore the whole world together.

Don’t Be His Mother

Don’t obsess, nag, shame or boss around your young lover just because you’re a few years older than him. He does not want you to be his mother, he already has one. He’s with you because he needs to share his thoughts and love with you; he wants to spend some quality time. So, don’t mess it up by mothering him. He’s a grown up man, treat him like one.

Talk About Anything And Everything

He’s young, he looks up to you for a lot of things. He knows you have the knowledge and experience about the different aspects of life. He needs to learn from you, and trust me; you’re going to learn a lot from him in return too. So, share your ideas, give your opinions, debate on things. It will keep the spark alive between the two of you; you’ll always have something to talk about.

Appreciate And Be Supportive

A cougar sometimes gets too overwhelmed by her own agendas; she completely ignores what her young lover has to offer. Appreciate whatever he does for you, because he might not be as stable and rich as you are right now, he’s young and seeks your support. Appreciate his abilities and whatever talent he has and he’s going to stick around for a long time.