Why You Should Date A Cougar

There are a lot of reasons your parents would give you to not date a cougar, though you really want to. But then, there are more reasons to date cougars. Here are a few of them:

You always have a place to crash

You don’t have to worry whenever you are out late and don’t want to wake up your family, she’ll always be happy to let you stay. Imagine, your girlfriend’s own house, and there are no rules. Amazing, right?

No Games

They don’t have time to play games. They’ll be honest with you about everything; they don’t feel the need to keep secrets. But they’ll expect the same from you. If you want to date somebody else too, just let them know and you’ll be surprised how lightly they take it.

Good Food and More

Cougars take care of their lovers; they pamper them and keep them well fed. If you ever move in with a cougar, you know you’re going to get deliciously cooked meals on time, she’ll take care of your laundry and she’ll help you financially, if need be. She’s the best of both worlds; she’s a homemaker who earns and is independent.

Socialize Freely

A cougar won’t care what your relationship status is on Facebook. Unlike your young girlfriend, a cougar won’t track your every move on the social media. She won’t ask you about your check-ins and tags with your girl friends or any one at all. A cougar has more important things in her life than social media.

Interesting Conversations

They can hold interesting conversations. They are older than you; they’ve been in situations you can only think of. You can get to learn a lot from them. You can open up to them about almost everything and they won’t judge you, and you don’t even have to worry about them being dumb like the younger girls you used to date before.

No Pressure

Cougar has class; she’s a lady of substance. They won’t force you for anything, if you don’t want to be in a monogamous relationship, they won’t mind. They won’t ask for a baby, they probably would have a family already. Most probably, they also would have no issues with the “No Strings Attached” relationships. What else can you ask for, isn’t it exactly what guys dream about?

Knows What She Wants

A cougar knows exactly what she wants, how she wants, and when she wants it. Because they’re confident enough, they’ve seen everything, been through a lot, they can take control of their life. Instead of dating young college girls who’re not even sure what to wear in the morning, why not date a woman who has everything planned already!

Financially Secure

Cougars are mostly independent. They have a career and are self sufficient, unlike young girls who’re waiting for a rich man to marry and pamper them, and are completely dependent on their fathers. So, you’ll save money, since, a cougar has her own.

Less Drama

Cougars are experienced and don’t usually put up the jealous girlfriend act. They take flings casually and are easy going. No commitment issues whatsoever.